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Friday, March 4, 2011

...Road Trip Conundrum

ArrowsWhat would you do?!

Here's the deal: I have a husby who travels to conferences from time to time. He has gone alone in the past and being the sweetheart he is [seriously, he is a sweetie] he missed me and the girls tremendously. He recently found out he has a conference in October in Nashville, Tennessee and this one is for 4 days. He kindly asked if I would consider packing up our kids and driving to Nashville. 

At first I wanted to ask what he was drinking because I was certain it was not kool-aid, but then I started to think that this may actually be a cute adventure of our little familia of 4. 

I have done my research and the distance would be roughly 14 hours. Obviously with the kids, we would have several stops, considering we have a newbie potty user in our house [gotta take a moment a do my happy dance] & at the time we take this trip we will have a 1 year old and a 3 year old. [whoa...I just got chills]

So, my question to you, my loyal readers and fellow mommies....WHAT WOULD YOU DO!? 

Be a good wifey and go with the it safe and stay home knowing the idea is a ticking time bomb?!

Ay yi yi! Que lio! What a huge decision....

I look forward to hearing from you all & be brutally honest with me....porfavor! 



iris said...

amiga, i have taken this trip to Nashville, TN (13 hrs) and it was amazing. The only thing to consider is having the right vehicle, the right place to stay, and the proper clothing for u & the girls. As long as you stay somewhere with all conveniences, kitchen, nearby grocery store, this will be a great experience for da familia.

Now....the road trip, thats a different story. You know better tips than me on that, as i have only taken 3 road trips with Sophie that have been brutal to say the least.

one more thing to consider, the weather. I went in Novemeber and was ok. Not sure at this time (ski season) how comfortable it will be.

Overall, i say, go and take help. Atleast one other person to be there just in case. (wish i can shrink & go in ur suitcase look at it as mini vaca to see a different setting than the norm in S FLA :)

luv ya lots and hope it works out either way.

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