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Saturday, March 12, 2011

SABROSO SATURDAY: Picadillo de Pavo a la krayzee

Part of an advertising campaign for my own company, I produced this photo.
My Momma [twitter: @ritabook78] makes the most amazing picadillo de pavo [ground turkey] ever. I love the taste and how it differs from beef ground beef. Its much lighter and I'd like to think healthier. Through the years I have cooked it many times, at least once a week. My Husband always had nothing but nice things to say about my Picadillo, until one day, the day I decided to show him how to cook it. Ever since that day he swears his version of MY Momma's picadillo is much better than mine. At first I didn't know whether to take offense to his claim or jump for joy that he could now help me in the kitchen. I settled for the latter because how many women can say their husband's help them cook? So if  allwing him to believe his picadillo was better than mine allows me to get a day off from the kitchen, then so be it. Hey, whatever helps him sleep better at night, right? [haha]

As you all prepare my version of Picadillo de Pavo, enjoy the Cuban flare it offers to your palette.

Ingredients [serves 4]
2 packs of lean ground turkey
Sofrito [I will explain this later]
Garlic Powder
Cooking Wine
Olives [without the seeds]
Sazon Completa
[1 can and a half] Tomato Sauce

1. Put the picadillo in a large pot. I usually add the cooking wine and vinegar at this point to it simmers. Add 2 tablespoons of each.

2. I like to make sure that the picadillo is broken up and fully defrosted. When you have made sure of that then you can start adding the ingredients. You can add the tomato sauce now. I usually do a can and half when I make 2 packs of the picadillo.

3. Now is a good time to add the sofrito. If you know what sofrito is and have it done, add about 4 tablespoons of sofrito [or as much as you usually put]. When I make sofrito I use [1] green pepper, [1] large yellow onion, [1] large red tomato and a whole garlic. I cut them all up and put them in the food processor and just pulse it until it's all diced up but not quite a puree. Sofrito offers great flavor to the food. I put the remaining sofrito and save it for future meals that week. Some people add salt to the sofrito and olive oil, they say it keeps it fresh.

4. After the sofrito has been mixed in, you can then add the rest of the powders. I have no measurements for this, I just sprinkle on top of the food. My Abuela likes to use a butter knife and fill the tip with each powder. She usually does 2 tips each.

5. After all is mixed in, set the stove to medium and stir occasionally to avoid sticking. After the picadillo has been cooking for about 45 mins, you can add the olives. My Abuela always says that you know the food is ready when the olives are cooked and tasty. [I don't eat olives, so I wouldn't]

NOTE: as far as Salt, you can add that to your liking.

I hope you enjoy the recipe and try it at home!

Buen Provecho....



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